Favorite places


  • Kid's Tree Walk

    Enter the Children's Garden through a tree-lined walkway, with whimsical paths encouraging children to pay attention to the trees around them. Look down to see the names of each path engraved in the ground and try to spot matching trees along the path. Can you find Oak-A Avenue, Elm Expressway, and Ash Alley? Try a new route each time you enter the Garden.
  • Hedge Collection

    From the Visitor Center, walk past the Ground Cover Garden towards the parallel rows of shrubs to enter the Hedge Collection. The organic-looking hedges to your right are “unsheared” while the formal-looking hedges to your left are “sheared.” This is a great spot to race the kids. Look for four white columns and see who can reach them first!
  • Backyard Discovery Garden

    Located within the Children's Garden, The Backyard Discovery Garden features familiar things that children might recognize in their own backyard, uniquely designed to encourage deeper exploration. Enter under a colorful pergola, then start exploring! There are four mini-gardens for you to discover. Can you find spitting frogs, larger-than-life musical flowers, a windmill, and a dog house?
  • Adventure Woods

    Journey into Adventure Woods for great opportunities to crawl, climb, and splash through the natural world. Start out under the wooden arch and continue along the path until you find an area you want to explore. Love water? Check out Wonder Pond or the Secret Stream. Love climbing? Look for several elevated play structures and turn the kids loose. Be on the lookout for gnomes hidden among the trees throughout.
  • Maze Garden

    Find our one-acre Maze Garden right across from the Children's Garden. Once you reach the entrance, you make your own unique adventure! Look for seven different plant rooms tucked inside this living puzzle. If you’d rather watch from above, climb the stairs to a 12-foot high lookout platform built around a stunning 60-foot tall sycamore tree. There, you'll enjoy a bird's-eye view of family and friends as they navigate the maze.