Troll Hunt


  • Troll Hunt by Thomas Dambo at The Morton Arboretum logo
  • The troll made of reclaimed wood, is laying supine. His fingers are at his open mouth as if he's feeding himself. This troll's length is around 50 feet.
  • A troll, made of reclaimed wood, standing with one hand shading his eyes.
  • The troll, Niels Bragger, is standing with his hand on a mature tree. The Troll is made from reclaimed wood and stands 15-20 feet tall.
  • The troll made of reclaimed wood, is standing with his arms stretched over is head. He is holding a boulder in his hands. The troll stands about 15- 20 feet tall.

Schedule and Location

Trolls will be on view through Summer of 2019 depending on how they weather the Chicago winter.

Journey through our far-reaching forest to hunt for six colossal trolls crafted from reclaimed wood by Danish artist Thomas Dambo. Marvel at these 15- to 30-foot-tall (and one 60-foot long) sculptures that have been created to serve as protectors of our environment. 

These mysterious creaturesresembling the trolls of European folklorewere first spotted at the Arboretum in the spring of 2018. As sightings increased, an official investigation was launched to learn about these fascinating new residents.

The trolls share the Arboretum's desire to care for trees; however, they seem suspicious of humans. We need you to join the investigation and help trolls and humans come to understand each other. What will you discover when you join the hunt? 

Join the adventure and pick up the Troll Hunter's Handbook when you arrive. The Handbook will help you find a clue for each troll to locate the Troll's secret hideout, complete with a troll-size toothbrush and other troll essentials.  

Before you visit, check out these Troll Hunt Adventure Tips!

Troll Archives
Find a one-of-a-kind book related to the trolls you are hunting. While you're here, take time to sketch a troll, a model hideout, or discover more books about trolls and nature. LEARN MORE

All trolls are located between two feet and three-quarters of a mile from the nearest parking lot on a variety of path surfaces (pavement, wood-chipped, and mown grass).

Spoilers ahead! Visit Troll Hunt accessibility for specific information about troll locations and how to access them. 

Fees and Admission

Included in Arboretum admission.

Troll Hunt generously supported by International Paper, Marquette, and Plante Moran. Reclaimed wood generously provided by Sterling.


This program is partially supported by a grant from the Illinois Arts Council Agency

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