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Theatre-Hikes® At The Morton Arboretum

Theatre-Hikes® at The Morton Arboretum
Experience the theater on nature's stage. 

Walk along with the action of your favorite literary tales performed live among 1,700 acres of trees and beautiful landscapes. 


2015 Theatre-Hikes® Season:

July: The Man in the Iron Mask, by Spencer Davis

Based on this sequel to The Three Musketeers, written by Alexandre Dumas, the plot follows an historic event.  There once was a man who was kept captive from around 1670 until his death in 1703 with a velvet cloth always covering his face.  This man caused much speculation among writers of this time period.  Dumas’ work is a continuation of his stories of The Three Musketeers, which we produced a few years ago.  He changes the velvet cloth to an idea of a more severe iron mask and speculates that it is the king’s identical twin being hidden.  If you loved The Three Musketeers, you’re bound to love The Man in the Iron mask with rapier sword fighting, witty repartee and a very dramatic plot.

August: Clue, The Musical

Based on the board game most of us grew up with, this piece gives the audience a chance to play along with the performers.  An answer sheet is passed out in the program, the audience picks a killer a weapon and a room.  They can then follow along as the play changes to suit their choice and they make guesses as to who, what and where.  There are 215+ possible endings, each one changing the final song.  Sure to delight young and old alike.

September: The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) [revised]

Three men produce all of Shakespeare’s works (including his sonnets) in 90 minutes of performance time, combined with a short hike through The Morton Arboretum.  If you love Shakespeare, hate Shakespeare  or don’t get Shakespeare, you’ll love this show.  One of many popular works by the Reduced Shakespeare Company, this play explores the ones we know, the ones we barely know and creates a hilariously engaging afternoon.  The audience helps create the atmosphere and the ego, super ego and id of Ophelia in their retelling of Hamlet.  Almost forgotten in the first act, they produce Hamlet in more detail, then faster, then faster then backwards for a smash finish.

October: War of the Worlds – Chicago

This adaptation by John Michael Manship, who wrote the acclaimed Resurrected from last fall, follows the idea of the original novel by H. G. Wells.  A female heroin saves the world from aliens in a modern day retelling of the invasion of earth, or more accurately, the invasion of Chicago.  Unlike the movie and radio play that take place on the east coast, or the book taking place in England, this War of the Worlds is right here in our back yard.  Martians are coming, here, what will that do to Chicago?  Where will they attack first?  What happens in The Morton Arboretum? Will Chicago band together and fight back or head for the hills, or a little of both.  Come see our interpretation of how we would cope with such strange circumstances.  


Saturdays and Sundays,
July 11 -October 31, 2015 PLUS Columbus Day, Monday, October, 12, 2015