Passport Europe Festival


  • Two woman and a man dressed in green costumes dancing. The woman's costumes also include a white apron
  • Two girls dressed is traditional embroidered shirts, belts, and ornamented aprons.
  • A man playing a or alpine horn, a straight several-meter-long wooden natural horn of conical bore, with a wooden cup-shaped mouthpiece.
  • Irish fold dancers dressed in traditional ornately embroidered dresses
  • The European larch is a tall tall with a pyramidal shape, horizontal branching with drooping branchlets. The soft green foliage turns golden yellow in fall.

Schedule and Location

September 22 and 23, 2018

Please be advised that our crowds may be heavier than usual. We will have extra staff on hand to make your visit as smooth as possible, but we recommend arriving early and allowing for extra time to park.

Join us for a trip around Europe with our Passport Europe Festival on Saturday and Sunday, September 22 and 23, 2018. Treat your senses to live music ranging from Spanish flamenco to Polish polkas and Italian jazz! Marvel at dances from Ireland, Germany, and Greece. Try your hand at hurling, an Irish sport. Enjoy authentic European cuisine. And take a hike to explore our European tree and plant collections.

Fees and Admission

Included in Arboretum admission.