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Nature's Kitchen

Children creatively playing at the Nature's Kitchen

7:00 a.m.-sunset
Parking Lot 20 (Open March-November, weather permitting) or Parking 21

We're adding three new nature play spaces on our grounds! The first one is Nature's Kitchen. Depending on the weather, children (and adults!) can make mud pies, dirt cakes or snow cones if you visit in the winter. This is a great spot to play games, tell stories and make up your own set of rules! Our nature play spaces are designed for creative, unstructured, outdoor play!

Nature's Kitchen features tree stump stove, pots + pans, and a shelving unit inside the cabin.  Pit of dirt with assorted digging tools and tree stump table and chairs outside the cabin.

Nature’s Kitchen

Pat-a-cake, pat-a-cake
Bake something grand—
Dig a little, dream a lot
Get as dirty as you can!


Free with Arboretum admission

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