Dynamics of Forested Ecosystems

Researchers at The Morton Arboretum and their collaborators seek to understand how and why wooded ecosystems change in response to both natural processes and human activities. Field study on the dynamics of forested ecosystems is conducted on the Arboretum’s 1,700 acres and at sites throughout Northeastern Illinois and the upper Midwest. 

Studies in this area include:

Forest Ecology
The Forest Ecology Research Program at The Morton Arboretum seeks to understand how forest ecosystems work and to develop scientifically based management strategies for forests in the Great Lakes region and beyond. We aim to provide the information land management professionals need to effectively restore the structure, composition and function of these ecosystems. Learn More 

Canopy Thinning
Can thinning the forest canopy to increase light levels on the forest floor improve biodiversity and make oak woodlands more sustainable? Researchers at The Morton Arboretum and their collaborators are testing the effectiveness of different canopy thinning treatments to help guide land managers in restoring natural areas. Learn More