Intro to Ecological Restoration (Online and in-person)

Discover the principles and practice of ecosystem restoration. Ecological restoration is a process for improving the quality of our regional forests, water, air, and biodiversity. Engage with experts in natural resource conservation and fellow participants and volunteers to challenge your assumptions and have conversations about ecological restoration. Explore what we mean when we say ecological restoration, examples in concept and practice, and discuss the implications of this work. The program will include both online learning modules and in-person discussions; additional online material will be available between the first and second in-person sessions. This class can be taken as a component of the Woodland Stewardship Program in natural areas management.

Instructor: Kurt Dreisilker, head of natural resources, The Morton Arboretum
Notes: Held online, indoors, and outdoors. Please dress for the weather during the outdoor session with long sleeves and long pants/sturdy footwear. This class will consist of two in person meetings with an online module completed during the two weeks in between.
Limit 20.
Requirements: Must have access to the internet and provide an email address at registration.  Must know how to use a web browser (ex: Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer) and how to send and receive email. You will be expected to complete online portions of the course before you arrive for the in-person sessions on October 28th and November 11.
Continuing education: This class fulfills a requirement for the Woodland Stewardship Program.

Course number: 

This class will be offered again in April 2018. Registration will open Tuesday, February 20, 2018


Nonmembers: Fees include admission to the Arboretum. 

$35.00 members
$44.00 nonmembers

This class will be offered again in April  2018. Registration will open Tuesday, February 20, 2018
CALL: 630-719-2468
IN PERSON: Stop by the Visitor Center during open hours.