ACCA Introduction to Soil Science

Explore the world underground! Soil is the foundation of ecosystem function – an understanding of soil is essential to understanding the ecology of land habitats. The course will have sections on the principles of soil science including soil physics, biology, and chemistry. The interactions between organisms, environments, and soil will be discussed lecture and laboratory sessions. Students will have the opportunity to conduct soil experiments, as well as getting hands-on experience in soil science during field exercises.

Instructor: Bryant Scharenbroch, Ph.D., soil scientist, The Morton Arboretum
Notes: Saturday field trips TBD. Completion of additional hours of lab and field time will be required.
Course Website: http://www.masslaboratory.org/introduction-to-soil-science---acca.html
Text: Brady, N.C. and R. Weil. 2008.  The Nature and Properties of Soils. 14th Ed. Upper Saddle River, New Jersey; Prentice Hall.
Credit: 4 semester hours (or equivalent), undergraduate
Prerequisite: Biology, Chemistry, Physics are recommended, or consent of instructor


Mondays and Wednesdays, September 10-December 3, 5:30–7:00 p.m .
Saturday field trips TBD.
Botany Lab, Research Center


Fee includes admission to the Arboretum.


Please contact the Biology Department faculty at the participating A.C.C.A. institution from which you wish to receive credit and the registrar's office at registrar-ed@mortonarb.org